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02-15-2024, 07:12 PM,
Good day. I have the following problem. On one of my invoices I have a very small negative amount. How can I get rid of it please. I did a double payment to the supplier and I can not enter a negative unless there are no outstanding supplier transactions.
02-15-2024, 07:14 PM,
RE: Rounding
Sorry forgot the attachment

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02-15-2024, 08:33 PM,
RE: Rounding
I changed line 1365 in Payments.php
from "AND (supptrans.ovamount+supptrans.ovgst+supptrans.diffonexch-supptrans.alloc)<>0";"
to      "AND (supptrans.ovamount+supptrans.ovgst+supptrans.diffonexch-supptrans.alloc)>0";"

That suppressed the small negative and I could enter the negative payment
Not sure what that would break so I changed it back original after the transaction

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