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Browser back button
05-03-2013, 12:41 AM,
Browser back button
Hello All

This is more of a general web development question than about webERP, but does anyone know how the browser's back button can be disabled? We want to put our own "back button" on the webERP
screen, which will always take the user somewhere sensible (back to the main menu more often than not), rather than back to the literally most recent page, which does not work with POST-submitted forms. I can see that people will get used to the webERP style of navigation after a while (using the quick-menu tabs etc.) but until they do, they are going to get the "page expired" message more than they would like.

I have seen some suggestions about how to do this, using javascript and the windows.history property, but can not get it to work. Would be most grateful for any suggestions.

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