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Credit_Invoice.php in 4.10.1 won't credit
05-01-2013, 12:15 PM,
RE: Credit_Invoice.php in 4.10.1 won't credit
thank you very much, now that is really a valuable source of information. Regarding webERP, I´m usually more interested in the frontend than in the backend, but since I´m running my own VPS web server on a LAMP stack, I just started to dig a bit into PHP. (Interesting you mentioned Linux, I´m just waiting any day now to receive my fancy new "Linux only" laptop, and the SVN client will certainly be one of the first programs I´ll set up Smile )

The longer I use webERP, the more I like it. Sure, there are issues and even one or the other bug (like in any software), but it´s great to see that there is a lively forum, and even more important that you take comments and suggestions into consideration. To me this adds significantly to the usability of the software - and to the fun factor, obviously!

Thanks a lot.
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