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webERP v4.15 Released
05-21-2018, 12:21 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-29-2018, 11:56 AM by TurboPT.)
webERP v4.15 Released
The release is available at sourceforge or GitHub.

Release Highlights
The highlights of this release are listed below.
For a full list of changes included in this release, please refer to:

- The webSHOP shopping cart application is now bundled with webERP
- New script to graph a GL account
- New period selection functions in various reports
- Dismissible notification functionality added
- Receipt image upload for petty cash expense claims
- Dashboard navigation link added to menu
- New script to change a salesman code: Z_ChangeSalesmanCode.php
- Petty cash expense claims now accept the entry of tax

- Fix for page refresh causing multiple postings in PcAuthorizeCash.php
- Fix for the next/previous navigation bar handling in Stocks.php
- Fix for cost calculation error in BOMs.php
- Fix for the WAC calculation bug in Work Order Costing
- Fix for javascript date picker for US date formats

- Improved table sorting
- Improved picking list feature for regular and controlled/serialized stock
- Replace period numbers in graph title with month and yearin SalesGraph.php

- Fixed bank account and related data visible to an unauthorised user in Dashboard.php
- Avoid XSS attacks by logged in users using htmlspecialchars for all $_POSTs and $_GETs
- Fixed SQL injection attack leaks by logged in users caused by santinization bug.

Contributors to this release (in alphabetical order):
- Andrew Couling
- Andrew Galuski
- Ap Muthu
- Briantmg
- Deiei
- ExsonQu
- Jeff Harr
- Paul Becker
- Paul Thursby
- Phil Daintree
- Rafael Chacón
- Rjonesbsink
- Tim Schofield
- Xiaobotian


Also, I have created a bug_fixes_only branch. (to maintain a 'stable' release)

There should be NO new features and NO database changes applied to this branch!!!


Do we need to create a webERP_Develop branch (actual name TBD), to cover any new features and/or DB changes? If so, I have not yet done this, so please do create one if this could be useful to avoid "breaking" master.

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