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Prices_Customer.php (v4.06.5)
02-06-2012, 04:23 PM,
Prices_Customer.php (v4.06.5)
Problem 1

In WebERP manual under
In the section of Maintaining Prices you can find this:
Quote:Also, a special price set up for the customer account but with a blank branch field will apply to all branches unless there is a specific price set up for the branch.
I think this was written when the Branch was entered using input box, but now you are using select box contains all the customer branches without the option to allow a special price for all branches.

There is two possibilities:
The feature to add a single special price for all branches is deprecated. This means the manual needs modifications. The code will need modifications too because the support of special price for all branches is not removed from it till now.

Single Special price for all branches still supported by weberp. This means you should add an extra option with value = '' to the branch select box. If this is the case suggested solution is to insert the following before the while loop in line 332:
echo '<option value=''>All Branches</option>';

Problem 2

Customer must have 2 branches or more.
1. Insert special price for any customer branch, but not the first one.
2. Click on Enter information button.
3. Click on the edit link to edit the special price.
4. The Branch list box shows the first branch of the customer not the branch you are editing. This is not the expected behavior.
The problem is caused because a mistake in line 333:
Quote:if ($myrow['branchcode']==$_POST['branch']) {

It should be changed to:
if ($myrow['branchcode']==$_GET['Branch']) {


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