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Bug tracking software
02-02-2012, 05:44 AM,
RE: Bug tracking software
I can't see how to make the sourceforge bug tracker read only, but I have made it so only registered folks can add to it...
I also added some text to say that the sourceforge bug tracker is now depreciated.

I think the major thing is to have the bugs reported and the administration of the bugs is another story.

The bug tracker IMHO is for the bug tracker admin - yourself - and developers to keep track of them to make sure they are all fixed and to document dates and times and solutions. Certainly a worthy cause as I know I have missed some through lack of organisation previously.

In reality, as previously advised, IMHO users will not be interested in learning how to work the bug tracker, but will be naturally keen to figure out why something doesn't work and will use the most convenient method they can to get help figuring it out. Experience has shown us that this is a forum. We were forcing people to use the mailing list previously, but now we are not - I fully expect this will be the place where bugs are first brought to light. Attempting to force users through additional hoops to report bugs may mean bugs go unreported ... IMHO a step back and NOT a desireable outcome for me. I strongly encourage bugs to be reported by whatever method a user chooses. The admin is something else and anyway we have you to administer it!
Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd
02-02-2012, 05:53 AM,
RE: Bug tracking software
Hi Phil,

That's exactly point, by making it obvious where to post bugs will make it easier for users to know where to go, and make it easier for developers to know where to go to find them. A policy of telling the users they can report bugs wherever they feel like it is not good for either.

I think we are on the same lines here which is why I asked you to make the bugs/problems forum read only (not the sourceforge bug tracker that is obsolete now). There is a well known principle KISS ( and I feel we should use it here. Chat goes on IRC, mails to the mailing lists, bugs to the bug tracker etc..

02-02-2012, 05:54 PM,
RE: Bug tracking software
Hi Tim and Phil,
Actually Tim, I think Phil has a point here, in that most *users* won't want to learn how to use a proper bug tracker, so they may just 'leave it for later'. However I think users have no problem mentioning possible bugs on the forum or list where they may engage in dialogue with other users to help confirm it's actually a bug.

Another problem is people reporting bugs like "my weberp doesnt work", which is way too vague for a bug tracker

I volunteer to transcribe real bugs reported on this forum or the list into Mantis bug entries if you guys wish ... just my 2c

02-09-2012, 05:33 AM,
RE: Bug tracking software
and from our web2project experience: bugs are most often first discussed on the forum in 'general help' or developer corner - then, if nicely asked, most users are willing to create a mantis entry with link to forum (if solution already there).
In any case, it helps to see what bug has been reported when for which version (!!), whether there is already a solution and whether that solution has gone into the genral distributed version (!). Not every bugfix on the forum will be able to go into svn trunk without crossrelation to other code parts.
02-09-2012, 12:10 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-09-2012, 12:14 PM by PakRicard.)
RE: Bug tracking software
IMHO, for regular users (being regular = not geek OR not computer freak), forum is much better option. Non regular users (following previous definition) can / will report in either case.
I guess a vast majority of users are regular users. They have webERP in their businesses and they report a bug only if it bothers their daily operations. They just want an easy way to report to get the fix asap, and that's the forum.
Pak Ricard
02-09-2012, 12:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-09-2012, 12:54 PM by phil.)
RE: Bug tracking software
Yes that's exactly my view too Ricard.

However, it's a do-ocracy - Tim/Exson/Terry want to adminster bugs on Mantis, that's fine. If it gets into a state and not updated it will become misleading and redundant and we can easily ditch it. However, it could be a good resource given we have knowlegable folks to administer it, we'll see. However, it does not make sense to turn off any opportunity for capturing bug reports, so the forum will stay open for business reporting bugs.

I'll try to fix what I can irrespective of the reporting method as usual.

I have my to do list currently on the Forum bugs section - which is uncomplicated and I am moving completed/fixed bugs to the resolved section. Tim/Terry/Exson are transcribing all reported bugs into Mantis and updating it as necessary for fixes. Great, everyone happy Smile ... except maybe Tim who wanted to turn off the forum bugs section - sorry Tim - I do feel this is an important resource for users to report their problems.
Phil Daintree
webERP Admin
Logic Works Ltd

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