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Sales orders - simplified customer search
11-21-2013, 09:34 PM,
Sales orders - simplified customer search
Having been bothered by spurious "Unable to identify the selected customer" messages which can occur after particular combinations of repeated searches, failed searches, resets or multiple results, I have looked at completely eliminating the "JustSelectedACustomer" hidden field and associated POST parameter, which is tricky to control. I seem to have stumbled on a solution which enables me to get rid of that field and also slightly simplifies the method of identifying which customer out of a multiple search result was clicked on. This needs thorough testing, but I thought it worth mentioning, as similar logic applies elsewhere in WebERP. My code block for identifying the clicked-on customer code now looks like this :

$post_keys = (array_keys($_POST));
$customer_index_array =
if (isset($customer_index_array)) {
$customer_index_string = $customer_index_array[0];
if (preg_match("/.*?(\d+)$/",$customer_index_string,$matches)) {
$customer_index = $matches[1];
$SelectedCustomer = $_POST["SelectedCustomer$customer_index"];
$SelectedBranch = $_POST["SelectedBranch$customer_index"];

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