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[RESOLVED] Internal Stock Request - is this functionality complete?
10-19-2013, 12:07 AM,
RE: Internal Stock Request - is this functionality complete?
Thanks to those that provided feedback via email.

Quote:Doesn't the existing stock location transfer facility do this anyway?

Yes it handles the main underlying dispatch and receive process and table updates required. However, I believe the client is after a particular workflow which for them, seems to be along the lines of the Internal Transfer Request functionality.

The transfer should have all the underlying functionality of a normal bulk transfer with dispatch and receiving. However on top of that there should be request functionality, approval process, and ability to place and manage requests and filling of those requests for any required delivery date into the future.

There needs to be a restriction on stock, via categories for example, that the branch office can request so they only see their own relevant stock categories and the Internal Transfer Request offers this already.
There should be validation process integrated for receipt of stock received (eg checked stock transfer note).

The branches require regular reports of all stock transfer requests they have outstanding with requested delivery dates (and other specialised requirements that i can add in a custom report).

There will also be requirements for return stock handling and the usual accounting, but these could be handled i'm guessing through existing functions. It will need to be integrated into the work flow.

I'm not sure the existing stock request tables holds all necessary information at the moment (or the stock transfer tables) - something for me to look at.

It seems that for this user case, the way to go would be to integrate the Internal Stock Request approval/filling with all the functionality that the bulk dispatch and receive process offers, and add the custom report(s).

I might be misunderstanding existing functionality in webERP, but i can't see how we can fulfil the requirement without some extra code. Please correct me if i've missed it. A new script based on Internal Stock Request might best and would be easier for maintenance/upgrade.

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