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webERP 4.11 has been released
09-03-2013, 05:29 PM,
webERP 4.11 has been released

I have rolled up a new release of the latest SVN including:

1. The nice new installer from Exson and some nice styling from icedlava
2. The maintenance module
3. The bank transaction importer - currently only MT940 format is
supported looking for sponsors for other formats.
4. HTML 5 validation and autofocus througout with javascript validation
of integers and numbers. Server side error trapping also retained as always.
5. Tim's nice table sorting
6. Quite a few tool tips in form fields.
7. Item description translations can now be maintained directly in the
item form and the language translations that should be maintained is
8. Customers can now have invoices and credits entirely in their
preferred language - irrspective of the user's language being used to
create the invoice/credit note.
9. webSHOP configuration and extensions to sales categories to
identified featured items and active/inactive categories. webSHOP is an
add-on that I created to provide a fully integrated webSHOP for webERP
using all the same data - see which is
integrated with the webERP demo at
10. Countries and currencies now use a fully populated select boxes.
11. Balance sheet and profit and loss statements now exlcude zero
balance accounts by default
12. Mailing groups can be defined for each report and choose between
SMTP or php default
13. Many bug fixes

Thanks to everyone who contributed work to this version in particular
Exson, Thumb, Ricard, Samudaya, Rafael, icedlava, Serge, Tim and Kalmer

09-03-2013, 11:07 PM,
RE: webERP 4.11 has been released
Like the look of this summary - look forward to trying it out.
12-06-2013, 08:16 PM,
RE: webERP 4.11 has been released
Thank you so much for your efforts, this release is just in short owesom

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