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PHP error without warning when logging is enabled - SOLVED
05-10-2022, 08:56 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-10-2022, 09:18 AM by dalescott.)
RE: Failure on PHP v8 appears to prevent deleting user
Hi TuroboPT, I set Log Severity Level to "None" (it was originally set to "All") and a warning message appeared at the top of the page when attempting to delete the user ("WARNING Report : Cannot delete user as entries already exist in the audit trail"), and there was no PHP Fatal error in the Apache log file.

I then changed the log severity level back to "All" and confirmed the warning message did not appear (presumably the page was not re-rendered at all), and the PHP Fatal error appeared again in the Apache log file.

Could this issue result in other errors? Will it be limited in scope to only operations that fail expectedly due to business logic (such as in this case, when the delete is not permitted because the user has entries in the audit trail)?

I checked the contents of my includes/footer.php and see there are significant differences between the master branch and the "after_4.15.1_bug_fixes_only" branch (and that the default branch is the "after_4.15.1_bug_fixes_only" branch).

I wanted to follow development in my demo database by using the "master" branch, but is this unreasonable and I should use "after_4.15.1_bug_fixes_only" instead? If you recommend I use the "after_4.15.1_bug_fixes_only" branch, is it safe now to switch branches? I.e. will there be database issues if I switch branches?

Best regards,

My includes/footer.php (head of "master" branch):

dale@whizzer:/usr/local/www/weberp % head -n 12 ./includes/footer.php
echo '<div id="mask">
                <div id="dialog"></div>

if (isset($Messages) and count($Messages) > 0) {
        foreach ($Messages as $Message) {
                switch ($Message[1]) {
                        case 'error':
                                $Class = 'error';
                                $Message[2] = $Message[2] ? $Message[2] : _('ERROR') . ' ' . _('Report');
                                if (isset($_SESSION['LogSeverity']) and $_SESSION['LogSeverity'] > 3) {
dale@whizzer:/usr/local/www/weberp %

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