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Unexpected changes in prices end date
04-16-2013, 05:27 PM,
RE: Unexpected changes in prices end date
Found the ghost!

It happened from time to time, and it never happened to a backup database. So, checked the differences and found out that weberpCART Joomla! module is updating the prices table in weberp.

Guilty lines are:
1392 to 1394 in models/cartcatalog.php

                $query = "UPDATE  " . $weberp['database'] . ".prices SET enddate = '2050-12-31' WHERE enddate = '0000-00-00'";
                $errorMessage = 'Error Code-SM' .  __LINE__  . ' Unable to update end dates in prices file. ';
                $this->_data =& modwebERPHelper::getInsertUpdate($query,'webERP',$errorMessage,null,0);

and lines 204-206 in models/stockinformation.php
(same code as before).

I unpublished the weberpCART from Joomla! and now webERP works OK, but cart is not working.

Problem found but solution not yet. Why does weberpCART need to change the prices in webERP? I seem to remember that it was a patch to allow weberpCART work with the new configuration of prices (with startdate and enddate), but another solution is needed, I guess.

Pak Ricard

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