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webERP and wooCommerce API
12-03-2020, 08:51 PM,
webERP and wooCommerce API
Hi all:
After some years not involved in webERP directly, I return with a request.
We are thinking to upgrade our website from OpenCart to Opencart 2.3 or to wooCommerce.

If we move from OpenCart we will lose the bridge I developed . It has been working OK all these years but now online world requires a better website than OpenCart can supply.

So, now I'm too busy to develop a connection to wooCommerce via API

At the first moment we would like to get coded the maintenance of products from webERP to wooCommerce via the API
  • send new products to wooCommerce
  • send updates of products to wooCommerce
  • send updates of quantity available
  • send updates of price
  • disable in wooCommerce a product once it is marked as obsolete in webERP
After this, we will be dealing with orders from wooCommerce to webERP (2nd part of the project, after succesful development of this one).

Any developer can / want to quote me for this project?

Our webERP is a 4.13.1 heavily customized for retail. but should not be a problem for the scope of this project.

Many thanks,
Pak Ricard

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