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PurchData improvement
04-04-2012, 12:59 PM,
RE: PurchData improvement
Hi Tim:

Thanks for the new script. We downloaded and tested it. From our perpective it is not what we needed, but it helps in some cases. In detail:
1) It helps to maintain current prices, no doubt about it, as you can see them all at a glance. User will be more efficient.
2) Our issue is that we need to maintain the historic of prices suppliers charge us. Probably we are not the only ones trading some sort of commodities going up's and down's, so it's critical to know how much did the supplier charged you last time, or 6 months ago, for the same item.
3) Suppliers dealing with commodities usually try to increase the price sharply if the subjacent good goes up, but are quite lazy to bring prices down when sunjacent goes down, so it's kind of customer task (we), to double check all prices.
4) What was needed is a button on the original script helping with the "copy and paste" of all the info. From one purchdata to the next, most probably all details are the same except the price.

So probably just adding a button for "Copy" would be perfect ;-)

Another couple of details:
Decimal points should be the specified for the currency of the supplier.
Order should be stockid, effective date DESC (to have the newest on top).

Hope this test helps. Just let me know if I could help with further tests.
Pak Ricard

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