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webERP v4.15 Released
05-21-2018, 12:21 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-29-2018, 11:56 AM by TurboPT.)
webERP v4.15 Released
The release is available at sourceforge or GitHub.

Release Highlights
The highlights of this release are listed below.
For a full list of changes included in this release, please refer to:

- The webSHOP shopping cart application is now bundled with webERP
- New script to graph a GL account
- New period selection functions in various reports
- Dismissible notification functionality added
- Receipt image upload for petty cash expense claims
- Dashboard navigation link added to menu
- New script to change a salesman code: Z_ChangeSalesmanCode.php
- Petty cash expense claims now accept the entry of tax

- Fix for page refresh causing multiple postings in PcAuthorizeCash.php
- Fix for the next/previous navigation bar handling in Stocks.php
- Fix for cost calculation error in BOMs.php
- Fix for the WAC calculation bug in Work Order Costing
- Fix for javascript date picker for US date formats

- Improved table sorting
- Improved picking list feature for regular and controlled/serialized stock
- Replace period numbers in graph title with month and yearin SalesGraph.php

- Fixed bank account and related data visible to an unauthorised user in Dashboard.php
- Avoid XSS attacks by logged in users using htmlspecialchars for all $_POSTs and $_GETs
- Fixed SQL injection attack leaks by logged in users caused by santinization bug.

Contributors to this release (in alphabetical order):
- Andrew Couling
- Andrew Galuski
- Ap Muthu
- Briantmg
- Deiei
- ExsonQu
- Jeff Harr
- Paul Becker
- Paul Thursby
- Phil Daintree
- Rafael Chacón
- Rjonesbsink
- Tim Schofield
- Xiaobotian


Also, I have created a bug_fixes_only branch. (to maintain a 'stable' release)

There should be NO new features and NO database changes applied to this branch!!!


Do we need to create a webERP_Develop branch (actual name TBD), to cover any new features and/or DB changes? If so, I have not yet done this, so please do create one if this could be useful to avoid "breaking" master.
05-22-2018, 01:32 AM,
RE: webERP v4.15 Released
05-22-2018, 08:36 AM,
RE: webERP v4.15 Released
Moving from email to forum........

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your efforts on the release. Good work.

We had talked about keeping the stable code from the current release in the master branch. I now see this as unnecessary, as it is possible to download the stable code GH releases, and also browse the repo at any point in time (where there is a commit/tag).
I’d be happy to keep the master branch as the working branch, where we commit new features etc.

Thinking that the bug fix branch will be long-standing, could you shorten its name to bug_fixes_only, please?

I will add some details to the documentation ( or GH Wiki) about branch rules.

05-22-2018, 08:04 PM,
RE: webERP v4.15 Released
I echo the thanks to Paul for the hard work that has gone into this.

From experience of running the stable branch in the past I would suggest that one person (I would nominate Paul) has complete control over it, and only he cherry picks the patches to apply. Otherwise it tends to get chaotic. Also developers should make sure they don't commit new features and bug fixes in the same commit - this shouldn't happen but often does. Aso it would help the maintainer if developers marked bug fix commits that they wished included with a comment in the commit to that affect.


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