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google two factor authentication - daveparrish - 12-09-2022

I am tackling development and implementation of google two factor authentication into Weberp and was looking for some input as to the direction I am taking.
First, I have been testing sonata-project/GoogleAuthenticator and think this is the direction I would like to go to integrate into weberp.

On our development server I have added the following columns to the www_users table id, multifactor, and google_secret_code. 
I modified the WWW_Users.php page to accommodate the selection Multi Factor Status: True or False like the selection for Account Status and work in the same way.

Before I go any further just would like any input or thoughts on if this is the direction I should go and in investigating the weberp login it looks like this would involve the following scripts index.php, api_login.php, api_php.php, and UserLogin.php my thought was to make it work similar to case UL_BLOCKED in the except use case UL_MULTIFACTOR.


Dave Parrish