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Recurring journal entry - alanmi3833 - 03-26-2019

Are there a way to setup a recurring journal entry, eg salary with all its deductions, which are the same every month.


RE: Recurring journal entry - TimSchofield - 03-26-2019

The simple answer is no.

It could be done but would need some thought as to the implementation. For instance would we want the user to actively check off the journal from a list each time, or just be automatically posted, what would happen if the amounts changed etc.


RE: Recurring journal entry - alanmi3833 - 03-26-2019

On some of the accounting packages I have worked, you import a batch, check the amounts, change the date and post. Even if we can just import a CSV file that have been setup correctly it will help a lot with recurring entries.


RE: Recurring journal entry - TimSchofield - 03-27-2019

So "Save as a template" and a "Load from a template" options on the normal journal screen would do it?


RE: Recurring journal entry - alanmi3833 - 03-27-2019

That sounds exactly what I were looking for. Just be able to save the current "screen" and then reload after I have posted.

Thank you Tim for taking time to answer most of the posts on this forum.


RE: Recurring journal entry - TimSchofield - 04-04-2019

Hi Alan, thanks for that it is always good to know that my efforts are appreciated Smile

I have drawn up a specification for this templating here :

If you or anybody else have any criticisms or suggestions for improvement these will be appreciated as always, but if there are no suggestions I will code this up and post here once the coding is done.


RE: Recurring journal entry - alanmi3833 - 04-04-2019

Hi Tim.
The description looks nice, just wonder if it are necessary to do an edit function in GLJournalTemplates.php, agree with the delete.

Won't it be easier to load the template and if you want to save just press the save button again or maybe add a UPDATE button which are visible only when you have loaded a template.

That is just my 2c worth.
Thank you for your time in coding this.


RE: Recurring journal entry - TimSchofield - 04-04-2019

Hi Alan, I had been wondering about that myself as it adds complexity which I like to avoid wherever I can.

I think I will leave the edit functionality out for now as it can be added in later if there is a demand.


RE: Recurring journal entry - TimSchofield - 04-05-2019

Please find attached preliminary code for this. Can people test this and notify of any bugs before I commit it.

GLJournal.php and GLJournalTemplates.php need to be added to the main folder. MainMenuLinksArray.php belongs in the includes/ sub folder. The sql in the Templates.txt file needs to be applied to the database.

You will probably need to logout and back in again.



RE: Recurring journal entry - alanmi3833 - 04-05-2019

Hi Tim,

Seems to be working. Couldn't find fault with the entries.
I actually had to redo a template twice as I keep on forgetting to add other journal entries which occurs every month. So a edit would have helped me Big Grin. I just load the template add the new entries and save and then delete the previous entry. Not really that much effort in comparison with coding an edit function.

Just one comment, will it be possible to not allow duplicate template descriptions, again not a big thing, but I suppose if you have a lot of templates you could duplicate a name, especially if you redo a template and then save as the same name.

But thanks again for the code, going to save a lot of typing in the future.
This is really appreciated.