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Problem please help - Enteif Jalal - 06-26-2012

Hello ,
I have two questions:

1- Why data of financial statements for the previous year are shown as negative numbers in the current year?

2- Our company is engaged in telecommunications and information technology we do not have any major stock and our costs are staff salaries and bills of communication and building rent. How can I use the system according to the company's business?

RE: Problem please help - Exsonqu_Qu - 06-28-2012


For Q1: You can try to run Z_RepostGLFromPeriod.php. And choose the period from first period of last year.

For Q2: You can check if this is help:

Best regards!


RE: Problem please help - Enteif Jalal - 07-03-2012

Please how to run the report ( Z_RepostGLFromPeriod.php. ).

and should I close accounts end of the year or it get closed automatically
by system?. if ( yes ) how to close?
Sorry for disturbing you. I am a service company and all information i have to put are for inventory company
how to change theme to make it just for services
see this picture

RE: Problem please help - Enteif Jalal - 07-07-2012

the answer you sent to me not belong my questions, Please help me to find a solution of my problem.

Note : Please send me in English.

RE: Problem please help - phil - 07-12-2012

What version?

There is no need to close any periods but once you have completed reporting for a period you can prevent further postings in that period from a parameter in the configuration. Setup->Configuration

You run the repost routine (if you are on a version prior to 4.08) from either URL:

http://your_domain/webERP/Z_index.php - there should be a link there for the reposting GL transactions from a specific period.

Post 4.08 - there is an additional Utilities menu - you need to allow access to it from the user setup - put a tick in the utilities menu then logout and back in.