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Automated Printing - Rock*Star - 05-28-2012

I am wondering if anyone has some printing automation in place.

Wondering if a browser can intercept a pdf print download and just send it somewhere to either queue files or just print them.

One thing I can imagine is to modify the code to auto ftp files to server(s) and then use something like this program that I have in place at one client for a different purpose. I have Win2PDF as the default printer on a Windows workstation and it is configurable to just not print but make the PDF file and drop it in a folder. Watchdirectory looks for PDF files to arrive in a folder then just prints any that it has not printed yet.

RE: Automated Printing - phil - 05-28-2012

Sounds like a cool solution... you would need to modify the scripts to save the pdfs somewhere on the server then ftp to your watchdirectory

RE: Automated Printing - joseph.aiden - 07-13-2012

We always need a program to run pdf images and some times according to requirements we need a special programs to run that pdf image so what do you think have you that particular program ?