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Installation on local host NAS Qnap - Piturca8 - 04-01-2015

Need some help for installation on local host NAS Qnap.
(Requirements and Procedure for installation)
For NAS Qnap there is an option to install weberp as an App but after installation, open weberp and create a new company (from weberp) I can not find the data base with phpMyAdmin. but it looks weberp works.

My details:
Qnap Equipment: TS-251
Current firmware version: 4.1.3
Using MySQL engine (server version: 5.1.36. Protocol version: 10)
Webserver: Apache. Database client version: libmysql - 5.1.36. PHP extension: mysqli
phpMyAdmin version:

Is it needed to modify something in php? or create weberp user in MySQL and change configuration of MySQL database table structure (innodb)??

Please some help!

Thanks in advance.

RE: Installation on local host NAS Qnap - edwardmuphy - 06-12-2015

Thanks for sharing the nice piece of information with us. I am also facing the same problem. After reading your post i think i will resolve my issue.