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Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - phil - 01-14-2012

Ladies and Gents,

What do you think?

Will this be better for the nabble brigade.
It looks like way better search facilities for old posts.


RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - PakRicard - 01-14-2012

Yes, I think it's much usable for the average user. NExt step should be redirecting the users and developers here, instead of the mailing lists.


RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - terryp - 01-14-2012

I think it's a excellent alternative to email, the poor old admin just has to be vigilant regarding spam. I have had a older PHPBB running for some time for my local Linux User Group, but I had to turn off manual memberships as spammers were getting past the graphic login somehow and creating pages of spam.


RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - phil - 01-14-2012

Have been looking at the anti-spam stuff... there seems to be a heap of options. I did a little research on the options for forum software not sure if mybb is the right answer - seems ok. I have been a member on the puppy linux forum for a few years that uses an older version of phpbb. I think this is nicer. Also, like the syndication too.

D'ya think we should turn off the mailing list? Might get confusing if we have both running.

RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - PakRicard - 01-14-2012

(01-14-2012, 01:33 PM)phil Wrote: D'ya think we should turn off the mailing list? Might get confusing if we have both running.

What about an auto reply? "this mailing list will be discontinued soon. Please post at..." kind of reply.

For issus still "alive" on the mailing list we should move them here, right?

RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - phil - 01-14-2012

On 14/01/12 22:11, Tim Schofield wrote - to Mailing List:
> While I am all in favour of forums for those who want to use them, I
> don't think they are an alternative to mailing lists, just an
> alternative. There are a lot of people who subscribe to mailing lists
> out of curiosity about a project, but who wouldn't be bothered to
> actually go and search out a forum and check it on a regular basis. If
> an email appears in their inbox they will take a quick look and if it
> actively interests them they will pursue it. I personally do this on a
> number of projects, and if they dropped the mailing lists I wouldn't
> bother with a forum.
> Also on a personal note I look at and try to answer most questions
> that come through this mailing list. If I had to actively go to a
> forum to look for questions rather than the questions coming to me,
> then I think it would make life harder.
> In my experience forums are better for some type of discussions and
> mailing lists better for others. Not that it means much but I would be
> very much against dropping the mailing lists.
> Tim

Shut the front door!!

Exactly as I see it!! But, .... I think it could be confusing having two sources of support - my preference would be the mailing list for those reasons you identified. We could get to ... "Was that a discussion we had on the mailing list or the forum?" - which is the best place to go for support? No, I think it is best to go one way or t'other personally. Perhaps I should modify the poll

Keep the Mailing List

Ditch the Mailing List and Move to the Forum

Retain Both Mailing List and the Forum

I have noted the increasing unanswered questions via non-registered users on nabble. The nabble forum seems a miserable thing and clearly there is demand for a forum. I am interested that both Terry and Ricard both like the forum and would be happy to see the end of the mailing list - in the interests of democracy, let's give it a week or so with the poll and see the results...


RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - opto - 01-14-2012

Yes, I like this very much.

There is some email notification provided by the forums - maybe that can replace the mailing list feature.

Two issues:
1) On the front page, there is no list of sub-subforums. Can you change that?.
Some are meantioned in a line, but like: subforum a, subforum b (both with links) and 1 more (this one without link). So one cannot go directly into this subforum but needs to click through the tree of subforums.

2) The reply button automatically quotes the last post.
I hated this already in the mailing list and on nabble - I think it makes the post exceptionaly unreadable. Is it possible to separate 'quote' from 'replay'?
If I reply to the post just above my answer, there is not really a necessity to quote that post - it is directly above, anyway.

Otherwise, we have very long chains of old posts affixed to sometimes only 1 line of answer - makes scrolling through the post and finding the next relevant entry more difficult (at leat for me).

thanks for considering, Klaus

RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - dctrjoe - 01-15-2012

I like the idea of keeping both. I am far more used to forums than mailing lists, and have kept copies of all the emails on all the lists for some time because I find them easier to search . . .

However, I appreciate that those providing answers to support questions may find it easier and quicker to respond via a mailing list.

I will say the very first thing I look for if I am buying a widget or purchasing some software or considering using some new piece of open source code is an active forum . . . no forum or a poorly used forum is a red flag to me.

webERP's active mailing list has served us well, but having this additional venue may help attract more users and developers.


RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - phil - 01-15-2012

the quick reply option doesn't quote all the preceeding comment, I also thnk there are some options around this on user entry/setup.

I will see if I can find some other format for the sub-forum or make them all top level ones.

Thanks for the constructive feedback

RE: Is this a better "forum" for discussions? - phil - 01-15-2012

I updated the poll for your preference to retain the list Terry...