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Full Version: opening and closing balances are not carry forward same balances
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we are facing a problem in ledger accounts opening and closing balances like Jan month closing balance is not equal to Feb month opening balance. if we want to get correct balances we have to select   same ledger account from  mar 2018 to Jan 22, if we select these months we are able to get exact balance as per bank, supplier & customers statements. can you pl help us in resolving this problem.
Under Utilities/Maintenance you should find an option to "Re-Post all GL transactions from a specified period"

Can you run this, starting at the first period in the list. This may take a while depending on how many transactions you have on your system, and all other users should be logged out of the system at the time.


ps I have moved this thread from the Resolved sub-forum.
Thank you very much we solved our problem many thanks
Glad it's sorted for you :-)
Another problem we are facing is for sale invoice we are not getting vat amount along with description item by item, it is showing all vat amount at last on invoice .can you pls solve this issue.
can you pls solve the issue our tax department is pressuring us for this.
When asking a new question can you please start a new thread. Your question about tax is nothing to do with this subject line and it makes it less likely your query will be picked up, and harder for other users to find when searching in the future, if they have the same issue.

Calculating the tax as a total for the invoice, as opposed to having it on a line by line basis was part of the initial design of webERP, and so changing it is a fairly major change. I vaguely remember looking at this about 10 years ago, but there are many subtle issues that it affects, and so left it.

It is possibly something that could get looked at for the next version.

Noted and Thankyou