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Full Version: installation on QNAP
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Someone is able to help me to install weberp STEP BY STEP on my QNAP

i am a french guy excuse my english

I don't know much about QNAP, seems to be a storage specific device, but I would think that you could extract to wherever the installation could be read by a webserver?

You might have to tell us other details to assist, if there's more to it than that.

I found this QNAP info about enabling the webserver, though I don't know if it matches your version, or if the webserver may already be setup on your model?
There used to be a QNAP package for webERP, however they pulled it as the version had some bugs which had been fixed in the code, but the package wasn't updated. I had some discussions with their product manager last year, and he was asking if we could produce a new .qpkg package. I had a look into it, but without access to QNAP hardware it wasn't a task I felt able to take on.

Thanks to ALL of you

but i'm regarding for another solution