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Full Version: Work Order help
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Is there a way to create a work order without having it tied to a manufactured part?

There are times that we will need to create work orders for jobs that are not manufacturing parts. Is this possible?
Simple answer is no.

However you can force it through by changing the lines

AND mbflag='M'
to be
AND (mbflag='M' OR mbflag='P')

in the various search SQL strings in WorkOrderEntry.php
There are also checks that are done twice near the top of the script where
if($CheckItemRow['mbflag']!='M') needs to be changed to
if($CheckItemRow['mbflag']!='M' and $CheckItemRow['mbflag']!='B')

This may have repercussions elsewhere as there will be no BOM, particularly in the costing that happens when the WO is closed. I would advise you check the above carefully before putting it in a production environment.