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Full Version: Location of sql setup scripts
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Hello - I am ready to set up a new database (have already created the empty database), and am looking for the appropriate script to create/populate tables (I believe I need to use the manual procedure, rather than the built-in installer, to do this, because we have multiple MariaDB servers running on the same machine, so I need to specify the port number by editing config.php).

The documentation refers me to sql/mysql/weberp-new.sql, but this does not exist.  I can see there is a script sql/mysql/country_sql/default.sql, which looks like the appropriate one. Can someone confirm this,please?
That is correct. The documentation needs changing.

The default.sql file in the country subdirectory is the correct one.

I'll update the documentation reference.
Great - thanks for the rapid response.
Thanks for the report, Tom.

There were a few places that needed coverage. (commit reference)