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Full Version: Inventory item shows demand which are not
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I have an inventory item that shows a demand of 40 and keep on popping up in the MRP shortages.

I can not find this demand, ran the following scripts from the inventory item inquiries and all come up with nothing outstanding.
Search Outstanding Sales Orders
Search Completed Sales Orders
Search Outstanding Purchase Orders
Search All Purchase Orders
Where This Item Is Used

Any idea how I can reset the demand to 0.

Alan, you should have a field in the mrprequirements table called mrpdemandtype. Can you look in there and see what it says for that item?

Thanks Tim, fixed.
I got a WO number from there, had a look at the WO and BOM which where still open and BOM does not use the item.

However on costing there were a issued line of 60 for the item, so probably some finger trouble earlier. I closed the WO and the 40 disappeared. Just recreated it and no problem.

Thanks again, helps if you know where to look.Smile