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Full Version: incomplete database on new installation
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I had webERP installed on my server but that has been destroyed & I'm attempting to install it on the replacement

I've created a database user & an empty database and installed the code.

I run the installation wizard & put in the database name, user & password, then proceed to the next step, where I add the company name, timezone & a logo, change the email address & put in aan admin password - all fairly straight forward

I get a login screen, but typing in the password just gives a text-only display:
Tuesday 21 May 2019 15:28
webERP version Copyright © 2004 - 2019

Clicking the back button gives
Account Error Report

Main Menu

× ERROR Report : Security settings have not been defined for your user account. Please advise your system administrator. It could also be that there is a session problem with your PHP web server

Tuesday 21 May 2019 15:29
webERP version Copyright © 2004 - 2019

I can't get out of that. I looked at help on the forum, but no joy. After some fiddling & reinstallation I managed to sign onto the demo database.

It was only after examining the databases through PhpMyAdmin that I realised that the demo has 157 tables, but my intended database has only 80 - not including www-users

I've no idea of what is going on. Perhaps I could rename the demo database, but I'd prefer to start once more with a clean slate.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before? Any clues as to how to proceed?

There is a problem with the installer for which I posted a fix here ( ) and elsewhere on these forums.

I did offer to produce a release to sort this but it seems that help is not required even though it is a year since the last release.

Thanks Time, I'll give it a go & post the result
Yes that seems to do the trick - odd that the standard installation cannot create a full database - that really ought to be fixed
I agree Chris. I posted the fix nearly a year ago, I have offered to produce a release including the fix but my offers have been rejected so I have to keep posting that link on these forums for those who need the help.