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Full Version: Sourceforge subversion problem
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There should be a pull request, if I did it correctly.
The pull request didn't come to me. I can see you merging a pull request here into your repository. Can you try creating one against my repository?

Ok, pull created against the other repository.
I see it, looks OK I will review and pull it later.

No problem, whenever you feel like getting to it. Smile
Well family comes before merging Wink

I have pulled those commits into my repository now.

Yep, family first!

I am still cross checking the prior SVN commits at SF, but it looks like their site is suddenly having trouble (again) at the moment.

I want to ensure that all the changes over the past ~3 months are present. I was surprised to find that the EDIMessageFormat file had issues.

Did you say that the TestPlanResults patch was ok? I don't see the expected changes from the patch unless the file needs a commit?
(If necessary, I can commit the changes as I've been doing with the other files)
I'm still getting used to Git terminology...

Rather than clone, wouldn't it be a fork of into ??

Tim, does a fork retain the version history of its parent?


I still have a few files to cover, but SF appears to be in static mode at the moment.

After ensuring that the changes are caught-up, the webERP-team can fork Tim's repository, and then that would be cloned into the webERP-team after forking.
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