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Full Version: Sourceforge subversion problem
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All, I have 'hit' the error message from Tim's post #1, and it appears to (possibly?) be isolated to one file?

[Image: 35mlbix.png]

I've add this information to the sourceforge ticket.
You could be right Paul, if you try looking at that file in the subversion repository you just get an error page :

Trying that on a random selection of other files they seem to be working.

IMO sourceforge is dying, there lack of response to issues like this is symptomatic of their problems.
Yes, I saw that error at sourceforge too.

I was going to paste that info, but you beat me to it! Smile

One thing that came to mind, is if someone can (briefly) try a 'svnignore' on that file and see if everything else updates without getting the same error might be telling as well?
Now I have a 4th file with SVN trouble:

svn: E160004: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: E160004: Reading one svndiff window read beyond the end of the representation
svn: E175002: PUT of '/p/web-erp/code/!svn/wrk/8bf134c1-6101-0010-b381-e1445263abc9/trunk/PO_SelectPurchOrder.php': 500 Internal Server Error (

So, I'll skip the commit of that file too, for now, but I'll commit the rest since it is a big change. (67 other files)

Of the four files that have trouble, I kept the original (latest from repository) copy of 2, so there are technically only 2 files to commit if we can get the SVN resolved:

How long do we wait before we decide Sourceforge aren't interested in fixing this?

In addition to the E160004 error, I've been getting the 'The server sent a truncated http response body' error too.
I raised a ticket for this last night, and soon after received the following response:


Our development and devops teams are continuing to work together to resolve all issues after a recent datacenter migration as quickly as possible. Repository performance is one of the top priorities. As of right now, we do not have an official ETA when this will be fixed.

We will reply once again when we have a resolution answer for you, thank you for your continued patience.


SourceForge Support

I've been unable to update my working copy with TortoiseSVN (have tested other clients too). I also found that that the 'Download Snapshot' function on the SF site is broken, so had resorted to downloading from the trunk with Wget - it took ages!

So to echo Tims point... How long do we wait?

I would fully support the idea of reviewing alternative development platforms, with the hope that SF bounce back pronto.


(02-23-2018, 08:09 PM)afcouling Wrote: [ -> ]So to echo Tims point... How long do we wait?

I would fully support the idea of reviewing alternative development platforms, with the hope that SF bounce back pronto.

I have been briefly discussing this with Phil via email, so there is still some TBD matters.

However, as there is only a few days left in the month, if there are no other updates from SF on the SVN by then, I can at least move everything that I have to a Git repository.

What I have is current trunk (revision 7979). I have been able to get other updates that Exson has committed, so the trouble only appears to be with the specific files referenced in the SF ticket that is preventing others from getting SVN updates. There is only two files (mentioned at the end of post 14) that I've not been able to commit.

I realize that no one wants the pain of "cherry picking" individual file updates over the past 2 (nearly 3 now) months. (including me Smile)

I have to briefly move on to another matter for a day or two, but I'll check the forums between breaks during that time.
I have a git repository that mirrors subversion up to revision 7925 but it started to go wrong after that
We've waited long enough ... we reckon a move to git is the way to go ... I have some learning to do.
Commits to SVN have been suspended as we can no longer update.

I will have a crack this next week and advise.
I have most of the history of the project reconstructed in a git repository here:

Am working on the reconstruction of recent commits from the last few weeks. Mostly it is easy enough, just issues where there were corrupt commits that take some working on. Should have it completed tomorrow.

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