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Full Version: Suggestions for Installation
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I just downloaded the new version of weberp. After reading and doing google searchs for installing here is what I have found so far.

I wanted in install on to a Windows 7 Home Premium computer for testing.

After reading up on different approachs for the apache, mysql, php packs I decide to use one called WAMP from

This auto installed apache, mysql, php and other software like mywebadmin and created a directory called wamp and it had a subdirectory call www.

Then I downloaded webERP and extracted the webERP to the "www" directory. Very easy, very simple.

I read that I needed to change the "root" user in MySQL to use a password. I tried different approachs but found a webERP help file with commands listed to log on to MySQL as root. The MySQL was located as a subdirectory of the wamp\bin directory.

I had to open a command prompt windows and change directory to c:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.20.3 or something like that. Once in there I could then issue the "mysql -u root -p mysql" command.

I was then able to change the password of the root account and create another account called admin with its own password using the commands from the weberp help file.

I then opened a brower and entered the "http:\\localhost\weberp". This was cool because a nice webpage comes up asking if I wanted to setup weberp system with demo data or just a new company database. I answered the questions and created the weberpdemo database. There was no message that this is going to take some time but I could see the hard drive working like crazy so I set back and waited.

I was able to log in and start reviewing the weberp system.

Now I wanted to set up a new company.

I read all sort of weberp instructions on doing this but I found it easier to go and located the config.php file in the weberp directory and rename it oldconfig.php.

Next I opened a browser and the installation weberp page came up again as in the beginning asking if I want to set up a company. I answsered the questions as before but this time I did not check to use demo option and I gave it the name of my new company. As before, weberp worked away creating the new company and a config.php file.

When done I knew a new config.php had been created. Opening a brower I entered "http:\\localhost\weberp and I had a login screen with both the demo company and the new company listed. I logged in to both to check and everything was ready to go.

I am unsure if this is really ok to rename the config.php to force the install webpage to reappear versus try to use the other script? Well it seems to work and saves a great deal of time. Phil could you confirm if my approach is correct? It seems to work. I am already way on my way to setting up and configuring a new company.
Yes, perfectly sensible approach... to get both a demo and a new company setup