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Full Version: SVN version for production
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Is it safe to use the SVN version for production?

I mean, I would like to frequently update the codes when there are fixes

please advice...

In general the answer is definitely NO, because when new functionaity is developed it may well break other things and all the issues need to be worked through. e.g. recently the entire system was broken in svn while I worked through the number formatting issue.
However at the moment things are prettty stable and the changes are mostly bug fixes, with the exception my works on the API.
I should probably do another release shortly.
Hi Phil,

with the official webERP release, is there an update facility like the SVN release?

I mean so that when there's changes, I don't have to download the whole 17.2MB...

Well, you could run a production version off the stable branch as when we release a new version off the trunk we will need to ensure the stable branch is then the same as the trunk - so the trunk changes will need to be merged into the stable version.

If you run from the stable svn, then this way you would always be up to date with bug fixes from Exson and releases from the trunk would also be updated through the same mechanism. We are yet to takle this as Exson has only been maintaining the stable branch for a short time.
Hi Phil,

I just knew that there is a stable branch. Is this the one?

I thought there's only the trunk folder.

Thanks for the info...