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Full Version: CartwebERP upgrade project
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Hi all:

There has been some technical discussion about the improvement of Mo's Cart for webERP and Joomla!

We decided yo start a subforum to get all information available so we get more ideas and perspectives.

In this first post I try to copy some of the important points we have discussed so far.

Sorry if I missed some important details on this abstract of the conversation. Add to it as you wish ;-)

--- Tim said ---
I would prefer to go down the route of a separate project forking Mo's joomla cart. It would be easy enough to use github (I have been using it a lot recently and really like it).

Trying to write and maintain a shopping cart application is very hard, especially from the security side. Using plugin connectors is the best way IMHO

Our idea is to resurrect a previously working Joomla shopping cart plugin that connected Joomla with webERP. This is much simpler than trying to write and maintain an entire shopping cart, as there are so many security implications involved in that.

--- Phil said ---
I don't wish to dilute the efforts to get Mo's Joomla web Cart going. This seemed a nice solution and I know Ricard has been using it happily for a while - although not sure what gremlins have come to the surface more recently which have created the need for additional work - I don't expect it will be insurmountable though. I think this represents the best solution currently available for webERP integrated shopping cart.

My project is more of a long term one... and more of a vision that a viable option at this stage. I am building oscommerce right into webERP - to create a completely integrated system with no reliance on Joomla or other CMS. I have made a good start and will continue to tinker on it as time permits. I cannot commit to a time frame though. I want the web-cart to be webERP style code (but will be oscommerce style sheet compatible) and this is a substantial project.

Your support is most appreciated but I would advise you to go with cartWebERP if your interest is in a short term shopping cart integrated with webERP solution!

I have adopted osCommerce because it is written in code that I can convert to webERP much more easily than Zen-Cart. The differences between Zen-Cart and osCommerce do not seem that profound on the surface - although under the hood they are very major indeed. The database structure is very similar.

--- Patrick said ---
At this point I tried install the CARTwebERP in Joomla! 1.7.
And it did not worked out quite good. I think it is bad.

The most I do worry about is the time to maintain(!) security (cart, payments (with Google, PatPal...) and webERP link).
And then there are also the 'not quite finished' status of CARTwebERP.
I think if the last few 'minor' items would have been easy, Mo would have done it already.

No I am wondering that it probably is better to connect webERP to a good Joomla! CART extension, or via OpenCart to Joomla! (for the last option there are already a few providers).

The thing I would like to do is to make a connector, not to maintain a cart and payment solution.

--- Ricard said ---
I was happy with Mo's cart when I used Joomla 1.5 and a very basic website. Once upgraded to Joomla 2.5 and tried to take all the juice from a cart (so, customer's orders) I realized it was not fit for the job.

Mo's cart works OK as a simple catalog, but some bugs made me suspicious about the payment setup, and I did not take the risk to test it alone.

Update and finish Mo's cart should not be a huge project. Just debugging and polishing here and there. After it is done, maintaining it should be quite easy if it is done as community. We all know webERP, so the marginal effort to make the cart a workable one, will be reasonable.

By the way, I forgot to mention taht he latest code for the Cart has been available by Tim at

I pointed out some known issues at
There has been a request to use a google group as mailing list instead of this forum. Please show your preferences.

Mo sent me an email few days ago, so I invited him to join us. Would be great if he joins. That would be a great advantage!!
Awesome! I am honored that the cart has taken a life of its own.

High on my pririty list is to place the code on a public repo. I would like to get it set up so that users can take advantage of the Joomla automatic component upgrade. I have been investigating using as it seems to be the repo to use for Joomla projects.

I have a dozen or more other Joomla Projects that integrate with webERP so I will be setting those up as well. My goal is to provide a place where users can find easy ways to build their enterprise software with webERP as the intgrated accounting software.

I would like to hear from you if you think a different public repo might be better. Also I would like to know your thoughts on how to set up the directory tree for the SVN.

Thank you!

Hi Mo:

Great to hear from you!

As a preferred SVN location I think it is up to you. As webERP user I prefer sourceforge as I already know it, Tim prefers Github and your idea to place it on Joomlacode seems reasonable, as we will get more visibility for the Joomla community (way bigger than webERP one). More visibility => more developers => more ideas, code and test => more efficient.

Just let us know where you want to place it and I'll be there ;-)

BTW, would be great if you can give more details about the other dozen of Joomla-webERP projects.
Other projects include:
WebERP Inventory Pricing, reorder levels, request for quote. - You can use iPhone and other devices to enter replenish inventory request. Purchaser uses request to make RFQ or PO by email to vendor. Ability to award RFQ which creates a PO in webERP and emails it. GUI for updating part prices for all price lists and individual customers.
WebERP Customer Update - Enter/update customers and branches from Joomla.
Sales Order Import - Use any format spreadsheet to import sales orders
Aged A/R - Aged accounts receivable with hook to wiki and phone numbers
WebERP-SugarCRM - integrates SugarCRM with webERP for sharing customers.
Another project is the interview style quote which can be used from hand held devices. A series of questions are presented in a way that selects stock items and quantities. It creates a quote in webERP and optionally emails customer, home office, and salesman.
Well I finally figured out how to use GForge and now have set up the svn. If you would like to have commit permission please send email to

Here is the URL for anonymous access svn checkout
/branches/Developers yourworkingcopy.

The plug in is available there also. Lets have some fun and make this project the best it can be!
Hi Mo:

To install the latest version I downloaded all the com_cartweberp files and uploaded them directly to the components folder of my Joomla! website.

1) is it correct?
2) Something else should be done at the database? Is any smarter way to do it?
(01-12-2013, 11:12 AM)PakRicard Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Mo:

To install the latest version I downloaded all the com_cartweberp files and uploaded them directly to the components folder of my Joomla! website.

1) is it correct?
2) Something else should be done at the database? Is any smarter way to do it?
1) Yes.
2) Yes. Select CARTwebERP from components and enter Options. Set up the database connection and asnwer all set up tabs.

If you unzip you webERP from the Joomla root, it will set up a sub directory webERP. During the install process, if the install program finds config.php in the webERP subdirectory of the Joomla root, then it will set up the database connection and set default for all options. You should be able to create a menu selection for the catalog and view the cart.

If you still have difficulties, set on display diagnotics in the company tab of options and every failed sql statement will be displayed. Use these messages to be sure that your webERP has data in the correct tables, prices, sales categories, and stock master.

If you have further difficulties check out the documentation at Please find contact informtaion at for further assistance.
Version 2.5.73 now looks in the Joomla root for both weberp and webERP and also in the site root for webERP and weberp subdirectories to try to find config.php to get set up parameters. Setting diagnostics on in the options section will reveal which webERP tables need to be populated in order for the shopping cart to function correctly. Other new features include the ability to embed Joomla plugins into the long description. When displaying the stock information page, you will see the Joomla plug in. For example you could embed a video.