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Full Version: How to create an consolidated report on items bought by a particular customer?
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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find number of items purchased by an customer.
Here is an scenario that would help in understanding my issue

Event 0---> We open an new account for customer xyz
Event 1---> Customer xyz purchases 10 soaps and 5 balloons
Event 2---> Next day xyz comes back and returns 5 soaps
Event 3---> Later xyz comes back and buys 5 more balloons and 5 chocolates
Event 4---> Shop manager checks items purchased by xyz in WepERP and he finds xyz has purchased 5 balloons , 5 soaps and 5 chocolates from us since day One .

For Event 1 and 3 we create an order and process its respective Invoice
For Event 2 , we create a "Credit Note" for the customer ( Although we don't know how to link this Credit Note to its respective Invoice# or order#, we just create an credit note and the quantity gets updated)

We don't know how to perform Event 4 . Is their an option to perform these kind of queries in WebERP?

If yes, then please kindly inform us

The sales analysis reports do this - as per mailing list response