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Hello All,

After spending several houres and database setups I get this message

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in /home/bertnl/public_html/webERP/install/save.php on line 326

Can't seem to detect where it go's wrong, did everything as on the youtube video but it doesn't get online
Please point me the right way becouse I looks the right software for us.

also can't remove te webERP dir in the host server, when deleted after refresh it shows up again

Even had to set the rights prior install for the company folder to 777 and also the webERP folder to 777 otherwise i get red notification in the install screen

I thought it was an easy installation

My host details
Apache-versie 2.2.17
PHP-versie 5.3.6
MySQL-versie 5.0.92-community
Architectuur x86_64

please advice thnx in advance
I am too new to spot the source of your problem. I used Mo's video when I did my first install:

and I believe all went smoothly the first time.

This is what have I Have tried bud didn't work

I Googeld and it looks like that the link php sqli is missing or a php script isn't instaled on the hostserver

I tought it was a software ready to run but I think I wil buy a book php for dummy's

still a nice looking peace of software but have stil a link to 'front accounting'
Where can I check this, in the cpanel under the
- software/services tab
- php configuration tab or php pear packet


now i have a write isseu, can't change the wright rights

Whats the deal,

set the rights of the weberp to 777, company to 777 would set rights to 666 but the config.php wil not change?

You need to use your web-host file manager and change the properties of the file config.php under your webERP installation - if it is there to allow it to be written to... the directory where the webERP companies are also needs to be writable by the web-server process.

There is quite a thorough document under doc/INSTALL.txt that spells out blow by blow how to install.
Phil and all,

Thanx for the answers

Phil, I changed the rights with the web explorer but when I look with filezilla I see that the config and error log are owned bij a total other user???
First I will discus this with my host before I go further. the manual is ok but somewhere it go's wrong, I can't even delete files, they still show up.

(01-23-2012, 08:51 AM)Bertus Wrote: [ -> ]Phil and all,

I can't even delete files, they still show up.

In Filezilla, after deleting a file or folder sometimes it does not refresh automatically, so it still appears. right click and refresh should solve it.

At Cpanel there is a useful file manger. If you delete it reflects the change automatically.
I think this seems to be more a hosting issue. You really need the host to support you on this.

WEBERP is running Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Problem was indeed rights and some weired behavior of the webhost.

I followed the install (yt) video and after reading the manual I discovered the DB path config.php had to be set to msql not msqli.

Gave him a call and we walked trough it.

Problem Undecided server rights set correctly, he couldn't tel me why but needed reconfig. after that I could delete files on de web-server.
Server is 'anybody' thus better secured. he explained it and I understood.

After that he created a new DB with the name wepERP not weberp. somehow the script wants/looks for a DB with that name (_webERP)

He is a pro and if he had some spare time he would look in to it. His first reaction was quite pleasant about the software so maybe another antousiast. Smile I am Big Grin after spending some time looking things threw.

grtzz Bert[/u]

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