Wiki Integration

I think there would be great benefits of integrating webERP with a lightweight wiki application such as this. Communication accross an enterprise with more than 10 or so employees is a major challenge for many businesses and many communications which would otherwise save time and effort are simply missed. A wiki offers a solution.

Wiki page names could follow a convention for customers, suppliers and items and provide a respositry of information for the business on current developments. Links to the wiki pages from webERP could be provided inside webERP a ccording to the convention used. If the page exists then a link could be displayed if not then a link to create the page could be provided.

I see real beauty in an RSS feed of wiki changes to keep everyone informed of changes in products, suppliers, customer relationships and business developments in general by simple wiki updates from everyone involved in the business.

Update 7/1/2006: I coded some links from the SelectCustomer.php, SelectProduct.php and SelectSupplier.php that allow selection of the customer, item and supplier wiki pages respectively. There are some new parameters to configure.
1. Integrated wiki enabled or not
2. The path of the wiki root directory on the webserver.

The wiki needs to be installed on the same web-server as the webERP installation for these links to be effective. This code is committed to the CVS and will be available for releases beyong 3.04.

= July 2010 Just preforming a new install with version 3.11.3 and installing Wacko Wiki version R4.2 in the at the same level as webERP in the directory named wacko there
were two changes to preform to make it work. Using Centos 5.5 with upgrade to php.

1. In wacko edit file wacko.php, go to line 254 and put two forward slashes in the front of the line.
forward slash, forward slash $cache->Log("Before Run wacko=".$wacko);

2. In webERP in setup, system configuration change the wiki path to this '/wacko/wakka.php?wakka=' leaving off the colon which is just for displaying correctly in the wiki here.

And all will work.
Thanks for a good product
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