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Developer Reference Resources

* ExpectationsManagement webEP Project Management and Road Map
* ContributingtowebERP Goals of webERP and Coding Conventions/Style
* PHPScripts PHP Scripts described
* TableProgramCrossReference Table-Program Cross Reference
* DB Designer Diagram by Meraj Rasool Khattak

Development Specificiation Discussions

* FunctionalityStillMissing GL and Sales Budgeting
* SetupWizardSpecs Making Initial Installation and Configuration Simpler
* StatusOfEDIWork EDI orders and Invoicing
* WareHouseManagementDiscussion Warehouse Management
* VerticalMarketFunctionality Category Item Properties - Mostly Implemented in 3.08
* CronJobsMaint Cron Jobs Maintenance
* BPM Business Process Management
* DotMatrixCharacterPrinting Dot-Matrix character printing
* IdeasForImproving GRN Traceability, Changes Audit Log
* DevelopmentEnvironmentAndTools Development Environment and Tools
* QualityAssuranceDiscussion QA

Competed Development and Other Discussions

ManufacturingDiscussion Manufacturing
ConfigurationOptions Configuration Settings Moved To DB
SerializationFunctionalSpecifications More Moving Config To The DB
MultipleCompany Multi-Company
WikiIntegration Integrating a Wiki Into webERP
AccountGroupsAndChartOfAccounts Discussion on Chart of Accounts and Account Groups
RecurringOrdersUsageBased Discussion on Usage Based Billing and Vertical Market Functionality

* ThirdPartyContributions Contributed Work
* WeberpHosting Hosting Companies That Offer Pre-Installed webERP Hosting
* WeberpConsultants Companies That Offer Commercial webERP Support
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