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~-[[ProjectGoals Goals of webERP]]
~-[[CodingConventions IMPORTANT: Coding Conventions/Style]]
~-[[ContributingTowebERP Contributing To webERP]]
~-[[ExpectationsManagement webERP Project Management and Road Map]]

~-[[GettingStartedDeveloping Learning PHP and webERP Development]]
~-[[ContributingCode How to produce and submit a code contribution]]
~- [[Working Working with Diff files]]
~-[[PHPScripts PHP Scripts described]]
~-[[ Change log (current version from repository)]]

~-[[DatabaseStructure Narrative Description of DB Structure]]
~-[[TableProgramCrossReference Table-Program Cross Reference]]
~-[[ProgramTableCrossReference Program-Table Cross Reference]]
~- [[ Database Schema Diagram - from Terry Porter v 4.06]]
~-[[ Database Schema Diagram - Customers Branches and Tax]]
~-[[ Database Schema Diagram - Suppliers Transactions and Purchase Orders]]
~-[[ Database Schema Diagram - Customer Transactions and Item Properties]]

~- [[ Terry's webERP schema spy output]]

====Development Specification Discussions====

~- [[ProjectManagementPercentCompletion Project Management and % completion accounting]]
~- [[ReturnMerchandiseAuthorisation RMA - Return Merchandise Authorisation]]
~- RetailOptimalStock
~- [[MultiCompanyConsolidations Multi-company consolidation]]
~- [[FunctionalityStillMissing GL and Sales Budgeting]]
~- [[SetupWizardSpecs Making Initial Installation and Configuration Simpler]]
~- [[StatusOfEDIWork EDI orders and Invoicing]]
~- [[WareHouseManagementDiscussion Warehouse Management]]
~- [[CronJobsMaint Cron Jobs Maintenance]]
~- [[DotMatrixCharacterPrinting Dot-Matrix character printing]]
~- [[IdeasForImproving GRN Traceability, Changes Audit Log]]
~- [[QualityAssuranceDiscussion Quality Assurance Functionality]]
~- [[RightToLeft Right To Left Language Localisation]]
~- [[TallyIntegration Tally accounting software integration with WebERP]]
~- [[GUIImprovements Discussion on GUI improvements to WebERP]]
~- [[Plugins]]
~- [[TrackingCommissions Salesman Commission Tracking]]
~- [[RetailOptimalStock Optimizing stock distribution for retail business]]

====Completed Development and Other Discussions====

~- [[TransitionToHtml5 Transition to HTML 5]]
~- [[POS POS]]
~- [[MultiLanguageNumbers Multi-language number formats]]
~- [[SellingUnitConversions Selling Units]]
~-[[Version40RC2 Version 4.0 To Do List]]
~-[[AutomateDatabaseUpgrades Automating Database Upgrades]]
~-[[FixedAssets Fixed Asset Module Development]]
~-[[ManufacturingDiscussion Manufacturing]]
~-[[MRP MRP]]
~-[[MultipleCompany Multi-Company]]
~-[[WikiIntegration Integrating a Wiki Into webERP]]
~-[[AccountGroupsAndChartOfAccounts Discussion on Chart of Accounts and Account Groups]]
~-[[RecurringOrdersUsageBased Discussion on Usage Based Billing and Vertical Market Functionality]]
~-[[MulticompanyBankaccounts Multi-currency Bank Accounts]]
~-[[TransportationNote Delivery Advice]]
~-[[WebInstaller GUI Based installer for WebERP]]
~-[[ThirdPartyContributions Third Party Contributed Work Not Included in the Distribution]]
~-[[WeberpConsultants Companies That Offer Commercial webERP Support]]
~-[[Utf8Pdf Transition to UTF-8]]
~-[[PhantomAssemblies Phantom Assembly Items]]
~-[[JobCosting Job Costing System]]
~-[[VerticalMarketFunctionality Category Item Properties - Mostly Implemented in 3.08]]

====Hosting and Related Issues====
~-[[WeberpHosting Hosting Companies That Offer Pre-Installed webERP Hosting]]
~-[[PuppyLinux LAMP dot pet for Puppy Linux]]
~-[[SharedHosting Shared Hosting Issues]]
~-[[ServerRequirements Company IT Infrastructure Requirements]]

====WebERP in the Media====
~-[[ CIO Magazine articles on WebERP]]
~-[[ LinuxWorld article on webERP]]
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