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Third Party Contributions

osCommerce Interface

Alan Jones - has contributed his work that allows webERP to be interfaced to osCommerce.
Updated September 2005 to work with webERP 3.01 database - it should be good for 3.03 since the major changes for lower casing and tax were all completed in 3.01 - many thanks Alan
Download osCommerce Sync Code

Zen-Cart Interface

Phil Daintree has created an interface that allows orders created in Zen-Cart to be imported together with customer details created in Zen-Cart. The application also has facilities to import Zen-Cart items into webERP and manage the mapping of Zen-Cart items to webERP item codes. This application does carry with it a small license cost.Logic Works Web-site

Spanish Translation of Manuals

Marcos Garcia Trejo - has translated Danie Brinks Order entry manual.
He has also made a start on Manual System Conventions and Manual Special Utilities - thanks Marcos
Daniel J. Loayza M. has also translated a portion of the Manual and is available for download below:

German Translation of Manuals

A German translation of the Manual has been made on this wiki!! Thanks Harald Ringehahn Inhaltsverzeichnis German Manual

Chinese Translation of the Order Entry Manual

Sing Major contributed his translation of Danie Brink's Order Entry Manual
Download Chinese Order Entry Manual

Starting From A New Empty Database

Instructions for StartingAFreshSystem from an empty database
Contributed by Danie Brink

synPOS Connector

synPOS is an open source POS software written in Java. It can run standalone or connect to an ERP/eCommerce application. webERP connector is available at the projects website: or

Manufacturing Extensions

webERP as of 3.06 now has manufacturing work orders and much of the functionality developed by Clay and Greg has now been built into webERP - albeit Greg and Clays code could not be used.

This subitted code was developed by Clay Mokus and Greg Morehead - in Greg's words:

"... what we are going to do is offer the code, warts and all. There are
many changes to the database, the cart class has been heavily modified, and
there are lots of new files, as well as modifications to many files.

One warning - the version of webERP we have modified is the release version
3.04(?), so you will have to merge in all mods made since then.

Also, we will strip out some company-specific files, so there may be links
in the index.php file that refer to files that no onger exist.

The main features of our modifications are:

# functional work orders that handle serialized products and components.

# collapsable views of work order components # bulk transfer of all stock
for a bom into the work order location # serialized stock item history,
including sales order history, work order history, and current status.

# serialized components of an assembly allowed in sales orders.

# collapsable tree view of a bom

# bom demand on stock report

# report of all serialized stock moves for a single work order # item
'dashboard', with quick view of all parent boms, stock quantities for
locations, suppliers # 'preferred' supplier for a stock item # revisions for
stock # multiple locations for a bom"

Download Clay and Gregs Manufacturing version of webERP

Microsoft Access Helper/Reporting Application

Hindra J has developed a cool reporting application that makes use of an ODBC driver for mysql - downloadable from - this allows Access to "attach" the webERP tables that can then be used for reporting - this is an excellent way to import data as well - as described in the manual - but is a security risk and should not be made available to all.

Screen shots of Hindra's application

Appending PDF Reports to Invoices Or Credit Notes

emdeex has done the spade work for you if you wish to be able to add PDFs to your invoices, here's how:
AppendPDF Appending PDF files to PDF Reports
this functionality should be added to the main trunk.
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