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=====Third Party Contributions=====

====osCommerce Interface====

Alan Jones - has contributed his work that allows webERP to be interfaced to osCommerce.
Updated September 2005 to work with webERP 3.01 database - it should be good for 3.03 since the major changes for lower casing and tax were all completed in 3.01 - many thanks Alan

Updated January 2009 by Geraint Jones. A few changes :

* All settings are now in conf.php
* The scripts are much more general (ie almost all hardcoded stuff
has gone)
* The scripts now work with WebERP v3.09
* The scripts now properly handle multiline orders
* Freight is fixed
* All the SQL is now safe (it is now getting escaped)

Anyway i really hope these scripts help someone other than me.

To get them running you need to edit conf.php

$mysql_host='localhost'; < Set this to your MySQL server
$mysql_user='root'; < Set this to the user for that server
$mysql_pass=''; < Set this to their password
$osc_db_name=''; < Set this to the name of the MySQL DB used by your
osCommerce install
$weberp_db_name=''; < Set this to the name of the MySQL DB used by your
$notify_email=''; < This is where you set the email address that things
get sent to
$shop_domain=''; < This is purely asthetic and just makes the email say
which domain they are for

You will also need to run the following SQL in your WebERP Company's DB
: "create table osc_order_sync (last_synced_order int);"
and you will be away to go - i have it running once a min from my crontab

Feel free to let me know if you use it.
~& [[ Download osCommerce Sync Code]]

====Integrated webSHOP====

Phil Daintree has created an integrated shopping cart application that uses the webERP database with no additional database required. It is completely integrated - almost a part of webERP. This application does carry with it a small license cost.[[ Logic Works Web-site]]

====Counter-Logic Point of Sale System====

Phil Daintree has created a GUI POS in Python that uses XML-RPC to retrieve data from the web-server and return completed transactions also over XML-RPC back to the web-server. The system calculates change, prints to an Epson compatible USB receipt printer and opens cash drawers connected to the receipt printer as required. It is intended to be used with a barcode scanner. An end of day report in summary or detail (transaction by transaction) can be printed and reset for reconcilation of cashdrawer and bankings. Different payment types can be allocated to different GL accounts in webERP. The system carries a small annual licence fee.


====German Translation of Manuals====

A German translation of the Manual has been made on this wiki!! Thanks Harald Ringehahn [[Inhaltsverzeichnis German Manual]]

====Chinese Translation of the Order Entry Manual====

Sing Major contributed his translation of Danie Brink's Order Entry Manual
[[ Download Chinese Order Entry Manual]]

====Starting From A New Empty Database====

Instructions for StartingAFreshSystem from an empty database
Contributed by Danie Brink

====Foreign exchange calculator====
A module that can be integrated with webERP to display an AJAX foreign exchange calculator in the footer.
Link here:

====synPOS Connector====

synPOS is an open source POS software written in Java. It can run standalone or connect to an ERP/eCommerce application. webERP connector is available at the projects website:
Note: not updated since 2006. Not currently functional.

====Microsoft Access Helper/Reporting Application====

Hindra J has developed a cool reporting application that makes use of an ODBC driver for mysql - downloadable from - this allows Access to "attach" the webERP tables that can then be used for reporting - this is an excellent way to import data as well - as described in the manual - but is a security risk and should not be made available to all.

====Allow Print Price Lists to print only items in stock====

Adds a selection dialog to PDFPriceList.php to choose to display "In Stock Items Only".


====Improved GUI for Journal Entry====
(involves Ajax)

Changes the GUI for the journal entry page to

- find and autosuggest journal names
- add credit and debit sections (-1 x value entered)

[[ Write to us if files are not available]]
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