Tally (http://tally.co.in/) is a popular accounting application in India, the Middle East and other developing markets.
For more information see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tally_Solutions

A significant number of businesses using Tally for accounting purposes would like to investigate WebERP as an alternative, but need a transition plan which involves data migration and synchronization between the two systems. This page aims to capture plans for Tally integration - both for initial migration of data from Tally, and for transaction sync between the two systems.

For effective change management, compatibility with Tally functionality is a key feature - Tally has been around in these markets for long, and most SMB business management revolves around it. However, Tally is not designed to be a web application - in fact, the interface has not significantly changed for a decade (?) now.

Integration Components

  1. Master data synchronization - customers, products, pricelists, stock
  2. Transaction synchronization - invoices

Integration Tools

We are hoping to use a third party application (RTSLink) to get/send XML data into Tally. This allows us to focus on the WebERP implementation, and spend less time digging up Tally's data model. Software available here: RTS Link: Tally Integration

Current status: Planning

This is derived from works in progress for our customers: some information and code may need modifications before it can be used in your project. Please contact sales@moxx.in sales@moxx.infor custom implementation services and vertical market solutions.
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