This screen is used to maintain the details for stock items in webERP.

Item Code: The unique identifier for this stock item
Part Description (short): A short description, this shows up when searching for the item.
Part Description (long): A long description, this is printed on invoices
PDF attachment (.pdf): A PDF file can be attached to invoices, you please PDF files in the pdf_append directory
Image File (.jpg): A JPG image of the stock item
Category: Choose the Stock Category or Add or Modify Stock Categories
Economic Order Quantity:
Packaged Volume (metres cubed):
Packaged Weight (KGs):
Units of Measure:
Make, Buy, Kit, Assembly or Service Part:
Current or Obsolete:
Batch, Serial or Lot Control:
Serialised: Note, this has no effect if the item is not Controlled
Decimal Places to Display:
Bar Code:
Discount Category:
Tax Category:
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