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=====Shared webERP Hosting=====

Some web-hosts only offer non-transaction enabled (not InnoDB) MySQL ENGINEs suitable for demo purposes only. Please verify that your webERP host offers **InnoDB ENGINE** for MySQL as otherwise you will not be able to partake of the transaction enablement available in webERP that comes from implementing the **CONSTRAINT .... REFERENCES ....** sql constructs.

The company folder name and the database name need to be the same in webERP.

In case we want to use **webERP** in a __shared hosting environment__ where the name of the database is fixed as say: **''username_weberpdb''** we need to make the following changes for WebERP to work:-

1) Rename the folder **companies/weberp** to **companies/''username_weberpdb''**
1) In the files **sql/mysql/weberp-demo.sql** and **sql/mysql/weberp-new.sql** replace all instances of **companies/weberp/** with **companies/''username_weberpdb''/**
1) Populate your **''username_weberpdb''** MySQL database with either of **sql/mysql/weberp-demo.sql** ''or'' **sql/mysql/weberp-new.sql** depending on whether you want to have the demo data or not.
1) Alter config.php to suit the company db and path changes.

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