Shared webERP Hosting

Some web-hosts only offer non-transaction enabled (not InnoDB) MySQL ENGINEs suitable for demo purposes only. Please verify that your webERP host offers InnoDB ENGINE for MySQL as otherwise you will not be able to partake of the transaction enablement available in webERP that comes from implementing the CONSTRAINT .... REFERENCES .... sql constructs.

The company folder name and the database name need to be the same in webERP.

In case we want to use webERP in a shared hosting environment where the name of the database is fixed as say: username_weberpdb we need to make the following changes for WebERP to work:-

  1. Rename the folder companies/weberp to companies/username_weberpdb
  1. In the files sql/mysql/weberp-demo.sql and sql/mysql/weberp-new.sql replace all instances of companies/weberp/ with companies/username_weberpdb/
  1. Populate your username_weberpdb MySQL database with either of sql/mysql/weberp-demo.sql or sql/mysql/weberp-new.sql depending on whether you want to have the demo data or not.
  1. Alter config.php to suit the company db and path changes.

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