Right To Left Language Localisation

Ali has offerred to take on this project.

We need code that refers to the locale in use and if the locale is one of those that requires right to left alignment and writing adopts an alternative css formats.

May need other research - Open Accounting - now Front Accounting had a solution for this which may provide the answers through review of their code.

I`m ali hosseini from iran.
I want to maintenance this section for rtl language such as farsi, arabic and etc.
Our road map:
Step1: Add rtl support and translate webERP to farsi language.
Step2: Add Jalali calendar
Step3: Translate Manual

In this day i create rtl support theme for our software (www.weberp.org webERP)
You can download it with this link: erp.iossd.org/professional-rtl.zip Download

Please test it.
-- Hosseini
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