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What is a recurring order? Is this the same like a contract that will be renewed? RecurringOrderVersusContract

A recurring order is an order which repeats at a predetermined frequency - this would normally be some contractual arrangement to initate such a scheme. eg A monthly charge for web-space, the contract is until further notice effectively with a monthly fee.

Why only autoinvoice when all items on the order are dummies?

Because orders for physical goods require some physcial fulfillment ie the customer will want to see the goods. A system of fulfillment requires some paperwork to initiate the pick and pack/dispatch of the goods. Only a service, consulting, rental, support contract, a charge for labour etc could be invoiced automatically (I might be missing something -so correct me here if I'm wrong!!) In every case these items would be defined as dummies in webERP - ie no physical stock exists - when no physical fulfillment prompt is required then it is appropriate to allow auto-inovice.

What has a quotation to do with a recurring order? Quotation = offerte?

Copied from developers lists:
> I committed the new RecurringOrders.php script that takes an order entered
> through the normal process - using a new button to create a recurring order -
> and inserts recurring orders into a couple of new tables recurringsalesorders
> and recurrsalesorderdetails - miserable to read these lower case tables eh?
> Recurring sales orders allows selection of the frequency, start date and end
> date. Auto invoice only shows as an option if all items on the order are
> dummies ie service lines.
> Quotations are in here too - a sales order can be flagged as a quotation it
> will not appear as an outstanding sales order in the SelectSalesOrder.php
> screen. A new option is available in this script to select quotations for
> modifying. Modifying a quotation to remove the flag turns it into an order -
> which can then be printed and invoiced.
> There is no print of a quotation PDF report - I am thinking something based on
> a generic packing slip but showing pricing and totals ..... any volunteers?
> There is no way to select existing recurring orders - need a script for this.
> I am thinking that a SelectRecurringOrder.php screen perhaps based on
> SelectSalesOrder.php with a link to RecurringSalesOrders.php would allow the
> details of the order to be retrieved and re-populate the $_SESSION['Items']
> cart object - a link from RecurringOrders.php could then allow the user back
> into SelectOrderItems.php and DeliveryDetails.php for mucking about with the
> line items and delivery details respectively - this is a little hairy so
> maybe the better approach is to just delete a recurring order - from the
> SelectRecurringOrder.php screen and re-create in SelectOrderItems.php if
> there are any changes.
> I have yet to write the script that is run from cron to create the orders and
> possibly invoices from the recurring orders created. All good things ....
> I am talking about the webERP module here not the old web-erp module.

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