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Contributing to webERP


1. To provide fast, web-based, integrated "best practise" business administration software.

2. To be "low footprint" efficient and fast, with absolutely minimal network traffic.

This is to enable dial up/low band-width connections to work with reasonable response times. This will require some compromises with the use of graphics.

3. Platform independence.

Originally the use of Javascript was avoided due to the inconsistencies between implimentations. However, subject to certain rules javascript can be used.
1. Any use of javascript must have another server based option as a fallback - so client machines without javascript enabled will still function.
2. No significant blocks of javascript to choke dialup connections (see goal 2).
3. The javascript used should be used consistently throughout the code.

4. Scripts easily readable and modifiable by a business.

PHP code written using control structures in a consistent way throughout. (See style guide)
Well spaced and rigorously indented.
Extensive commenting.
Long descriptive variable names.
There is also an interesting compromise between good programming practice in maximising code reuse through the use of includes, classes and common functions and in the number of separate scripts required to be understood before a developer has enough confidence to consider modifying the script. I believe that too many levels of abstraction can detract from ease of understanding the script. For this reason includes are used in preference to function calls where possible. Abstracting PHP functions to separate user-defined PHP functions is avoided. Use of OOP is restricted to those areas where large amounts of re-use are possible.
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