About the GUI and Interface

> >So are you considering using the quick entry screen as a POS??
> After briefly considering a web-based POS, I'm now working with Franck
> Martin on posERP (c/gtk2). This looks like a good option. While I don't
> need bar code scanning right now, it's already in posERP (I think),
> along with printing. Cash drawer operation is still in the works, but
> this isn't critical at this point.
> Frank is designing this for Linux (Mandrake, I believe). But, I'll be
> doing development on Mac OS X and deployment on Linux. Mac OS X has very
> good X11 support and most (all?) GTK packages are available with the
> Fink package manager.
This is why we use the GTK and freepascal as well.
> It looks like the posERP/webERP interface is what will need the most
> work at the moment. Any pointers on the best way to do this would be
> greatly appreciated. I'm still new to webERP.

> Here's what I need to work, with the greatest simplicity possible:
> <snip>
> * entry of item number
> * lookup/display of item cost and description
> <PhilDaintree>Needs to interface with webERP - how do you wish to interface with
> webERP - not sure how this NUSOAP thing works but maybe some function that
> checks and returns item details array or NOT maybe the go ?? </PhilDaintree>
This is easily achieved once again some rpc method is needed.

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