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About calculations in regards to pricing, tax etc.
Hi, there. I'm getting into this discussion very late in the game, but I did want to comment based on a project experience I had in the past.

In the US, for sales and use tax calculations at the POS (Point of Sale or Point of Service), there are some fairly complex calculations that have to be made based on what the customer is going to do with the item bought.

If the customer is buying an item and carrying it away with them from the checkout, they are charged sales tax.
If the customer is buying an item and having it sent to their house by the merchant, they are charged use tax. And, this tax can be different based on what they buy and where it's shipped. Example, if a customer buys leather gloves in Texas and they are shipped to their house in Massachusetts, they are charged differently than if they buy a dress and ship it to the same address.

There are also numerous county options and taxes that have to be accounted for, split up, and allocated and reported to the correct reporting agency.

Hope I haven't muddied the water or have covered ground that has already been trod upon. Have a great day. em
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