Multi Language Specifications for webERP turnover to UTF-8

Use this site to discuss specifications for localization issues within webERP.
Some suggestions:

Company locale (company branch locale?) versus user locale
- number format for documents, number format for input / output on screen
- date format for documents, date format for input / output on screen
- language of documents, language of input / output on screen

Printout issues
- which documents must follow a given language / layout / typographic design of our company (company branch?)
- are there national / international standards we must attend (such as ISO 3535, ISO DP 6760, United Nations Layout Key for Trade Documents or DIN 4991, DIN 4994, DIN 4998, VDA regulations for Germany)
- which printout (primarily for internal use) is only for contentual documentation without appearence requirements
- which requirements exist for using fonts for different languages within the same document.
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