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=====Job Costing=====

Job Costing is required where the business sells services and wishes to track the cost of providing those services which may include materials and sub-contractor costs. There is revenue associated with the job - by referencing the sales order to the job - normally this comes first and the sales order should allow the set up of the job and a number of fields to describe the job - perhaps these should allow the business to set up the naming of these job description fields. Perhaps we need to allow several sales orders to relate to the job - maybe unecessary?

The output required is to see the revenue resulting from the job and the costs associated with fulfillment of the job - with the profit or loss arising overall resulting.

We need to be able to capture costs from anywhere in the system to accumulate against the job. We already have the jobref fields in purchorderdetails and the gltrans tables. Perhaps the gltrans should be the reference place since this captures costs resulting from purchase invoices and bank payments. However, this does imply the limitation that job costing will not work if the general ledger is not used - I think this is fair enough?

Jobs numbered as per all other transactions GetNextTransNo($SysType).

Script to add a new job perhaps with a link from the sales order entry screen - so automatically referenced to the sales order.
Perhaps double duty with the script to update/modify the job details that allows the job to be completed.

Script to select a job - showing outstanding jobs.

Script to show all the job sales invoices /revenue and all the job's costs resulting in the job profit/loss.

Whereabouts in the menu - a new job costing tab?? or manufacturing/costing tab??

DrShukla -
After reading your write up about job costing, I would like to express my views as following.
Job costing function is similar to project costing, it should include material,incidental charges,contractor charges,labor charges,conveyance, transportation,lodging,boarding,workers allowances,audit fees,electricity,fuel,water,oil etc

Case of job costing will be different for service provider and service taker, so it should be considered accordingly.
I am suggesting following type of functionality it should have.
To start a new project user will define name of customer, name of project, brief description of project,start date,target date of completion,place of project,priority of project,member of project team,team leader,material list of project,machine used in project,machine availability,team member availability,member of quality control team,member of project audit team,team member wages and allowances,sub contractor details,description of work allocated to sub contractor,selection of sub contractor, etc
Once project is created then material purchase,material receipt,material issue and sale of this project should be reference.All transition activity should be communicated to responsible team members time to time.
Team members working time sheets,payment of bills etc will be entered by team member and team leaders.
There should be provision to approve expenses and bills related to project.There should be a provision of tracking project progress and project progress audit.
After finishing project project profit loss should be calculated.

It is very raw thought, you must give thought. I think you will not have all required data in present system,so you will require to generate some extra data to implement this functionality
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