Need For Help

Any One have worked under Web E R P will find that it works very good with English language but i am now trying to make it Arabic System and i really finish all the translation files and every thing is going so good in DB, and the Web pages , no problems in them but the big problem appears in Reports because all reports are made to display English char very much , but with Arabic char it doing bad things and bad chars , because of the problems of (Arabic with class F.P.D.F ) So i tried very more times to cut off ( the F.P.D.F Class ) From the application to testing it with ( Class T.C.P.D.F) after change many things in my code like change ( class.pdf.php file) code with a new code to work nice with the application at least with (inventory Planning.php) but i steal get one error , it is the seam error every time {TCPDF ERROR: Empty font family}
does any one have any solution for this problem

I think that using TCPDF would open up webERP to many other multi-byte character languages. I'd be very interested in seeing your code changes to effect the use of TCPDF as I am sure many others would too. If you could package up all the changes you made against the latest CVS and send to it might be good to bring TCPDF into the main trunk of development and work through the remaining issues.
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